Thanks to the skills of these technicians and their proven know-how, SAFE EYE, is a leader in the service of:

  • Installation, configuration, periodic inspection and after-sales service of Flame and Gas detectors.
  • Inspection of sanitation networks and any confined spaces.
  • Inspection, cleaning and disinfection of aeraulic networks.
  • Inspecting and cleaning the steam pipe.
  • Automation and online control.

Recognized for its quality of service and appreciated by the main players in the Tunisian market SAFE EYE has the experience and technologies to meet the needs of customers operating in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industries, food industries, clinics/hospitals, oil and gas industries and energy producers.

Since its creation SAFE EYE has developed these work processes and mastered the risks and the most demanding regulations. All these criteria make SAFE EYE an essential partner.