1. Inspection, cleaning and disinfection of aeraulic networks

By its Technical mastery and strict compliance with health and safety rules and qualification of personnel,SAFE EYE always chooses quality to ensure its customers the highest possible level of satisfaction.

SAFE EYE offers high-performance air treatment solutions that adapt to several industries operating in different sectors, whatever the regulatory and productivity issues, it is the health and well-being of our employees that is at stake.

An in-depth diagnosis of the network of ducts to be dustedis carried out using a remote-controlled robot equipped with by:

*360° rotatable and +/-110° swivel HD camera

*with 150m cable range

*Adaptability to any network fromDiameter from 100mm

*Possibility to inspect vertical networks

This step is important, because it allows you to determine the most suitable solution,

In order to maintain good hygiene and preserve the health of employees, cleaning and disinfection of the network becomes essential by monitoring our performance of:

*mechanical dust removal and cleaning of pipes with boom reach 40m

*Cleaning of networks with manipulation of 2 parallel brushes for rectangular ducts or a brush centralizer for circular ducts

*Compressed air blowing and absolute suction of 7000m3/h simultaneously with the brushing operation.

*Disinfection of surfaces (decontamination) by direct spraying throughout the network with 40m range< span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: 'Times New Roman', serif;">

*Aerial disinfection

Cleaning concerns ducts, ventilation or extraction vents as well as filters,

This operation also covers broad-spectrum decontamination of ventilation circuits and air conditioning. It is necessary to the extent that the air circulating in the premises carries various pathogenic agents which must be eradicated quickly to prevent them from being a source of health problems for the occupants.

All operations carried out are the subject of a report supported by photos before and after the intervention and video sequences.

These photos/videos also allow you to visualize the quality of the services provided by visualizing the state of your aeraulic network before/after the intervention.

Safe Eye is committed to a quality approach that ensures services that meet your expectations. Safe Eye staff are trained and committed to this same quality approach which aims to provide you with service and satisfaction.

2. Inspection of sanitation networks and any confined space

The maintenance of networks and pipes is done very easily with the inspection camera. In fact, it makes it possible to ensure the absence of a malfunction or precisely warns of an anomaly. The pipe camera therefore makes it possible to periodically check the condition of the pipes.

The inspection of your pipe is carried out with:

A remote-controlled robot equipped with a camera head that can be rotated 360° and pivoted +/- 110° , with a precision slope indication capacity of 0.1%, reliability, agility, and adaptability to any network from 100mm diameter with a range of 150m.

The controlof these networks makes it possible to anticipate and avoid all possible obstructions. Thus, in the long term, this reduces the risk of more costly work such as replacing ducts for example.

3. Installation, periodic control configuration and after-sales service of flame and gas detectors

L’équipe SAFE EYE examine soigneusement chaque exigence, identifie et propose les meilleures solutions de protection spécifique à vos besoins.

 Notre mission est de garantir la bonne installation des systèmes de détection et  l’approbation de  leur fonctionnement continuel,Grâce à  SAFE EYE vous réduisez les coûts de maintenance et le temps d'exécution tout en respectant vos standards, prix et qualité. 

La maintenance des détecteurs gaz fixes/portables est un concept simpleéconomique et essentiel pour garantir la précision et la fiabilité des mesures des concentrations de gaz.


Les prestations de SAFE EYE se résume dans :

·         Le contrôle périodiques (vérifications et calibrations) des détecteurs de gaz  fixes  portables.

·         Les ré-calibrations éventuelles des cellules de mesure en cas de non fonctionnement ou détérioration .

·         Le prêt d’un appareil équivalent en cas d’immobilisation prolongée du détecteur de gaz portable dans nos locaux due à une réparation 

·         La délivrance d’un CERTIFICAT  reconnu ;

4. Tuyau d'inspection et de nettoyage

§  Nettoyage du tuyau de vapeur

Safe eye fournit des équipements pour le netoyage à sec des tubes de production, d'extraction et de transport à l'aide d'une brosse rotative ou/et d'un outil de nettoyage alimenté par un système/machine de nettoyage de tubes.

·         Nettoyage humide des conduites de vapeur

Le diamètre des diamètres de tube internes de 100 millimètres. de 300 millimètres. La brosse peut tourner entre 500 et 3000 RPM, selon le système choisi qui l'alimente. Cela créera une friction dans le tube, permettant à la contamination de se détacher. Il est ensuite évacué par un système d'extraction local ou central.

< !-- [if !supportLists]-->· < !--[endif]-->Dry cleaning of steam lines

The dry cleaning system can be used in almost all industries, food and non-food. Contamination may also vary, SAFEEYE provides nylon and stainless steel spider brushes. These brushes are oversized and are the main brushes used for tube cleaning.

Steam blowing is a unique cleaning process. The procedure removes construction debris, welding slag, sand, oil, dust, rust and scale from piping systems before system start-up in the receiving building.

< span style="font-family: Wingdings;">§ Inspection of steam pipes

Pipes allow the transport of liquid, gas or finely divided solids. Pipeline inspection can be performed during new manufacturing projects as well as during maintenance of existing lines.

Pipeline inspection is part of pipeline integrity management to maintain the pipeline in good condition.

5. Automation and online control

Regulation in the field of industrial processes concerns the implementation of all theoretical, material and technical means to maintain each essential physical quantity equal to a set value, called set point, by action on a regulation quantity, despite the influence of quantity disturbances in the system

Industrial temperature controllers are used to measure and regulate the temperature of an installation according to its energy needs. It is a very important device because it serves to save energy while allowing the installation to function optimally.

Industrial temperature controller

As its name suggests, the industrial temperature controller will allow the temperature of a factory to be adjusted. It is powered by a temperature sensor. To enable it to regulate it, it is connected to a cooling device (such as a fan) and a heating device (a resistor for example). Additionally, the regulator in question is powered by an RTD or thermocouple. It is a sensor that allows the machine to measure and record the outside temperature and compare it to the desired temperature, with the aim of adjusting it by cooling or heating it.

The operation is quite simple; First, there is an electrode that measures the temperature of the environment. Then this temperature is compared to the temperature desired by the manufacturer. Finally, it is by comparing the two temperatures that the device will be put in place. It will heat or cool the room. So the temperature inside the room will always be the same, regardless of changes in the temperature of the environment. Keep in mind that the role of the temperature regulator is to save energy, but this system must be accompanied by good insulation of the room. Especially in the case of a factory with very large premises. Good insulation is therefore necessary.